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Nat bubble chibi by Nomnivore8Fun at Family Cemetery by Nomnivore8
Request from XDTheSnivy - Herself by UltCrisisNat JD by TechnoticVCP

Things I love:
Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceSnivy Stamp by Claws14Goodra STAMP by Yama-Taicho1994Stamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemistPewDiePie Wave and Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwlerYu-Gi-Oh Abridged Stamp by xSweetSlayerxJon Tron Stamp by WeirdHyenaPeanutButterGamer Stamp by GreenFeline777Jacksfilms Stamp by SupplementedRealityThe Phantom Of The Opera Stamp by MaydayKoigoNo coffee, DUBSTEP by CCpotteranimatorStarry Narilon Stamp by Nomnivore8


:icontechnoticvcp: :iconnomnivore8: :iconelistories14: :iconphantomdragon123: :iconartist21025: :iconicavalia: :iconpinduly: :iconxxjamiedemonfoxxx: :iconllld101madxdderp:

People I need to talk with more: :iconnova-lie::iconapplehead302: :iconsc3chcintr0n: :iconphantomdragon123: :iconasiahthewolf: :iconkingdomstar228: :iconwolvezrule: :iconknightlycryptid:

Fantasy to Nightmare

~~Fantasy-To-Nightmare stamp by Nomnivore8Fantasy-To-Nightmare stamp by Nomnivore8Fantasy-To-Nightmare stamp by Nomnivore8~~

Badges: Creative Rainbow Badge by Nomnivore8Funny Badge by Nomnivore8Fear Badge by XDTheSnivy
GemsGrassland Gem by Nomnivore8x14Ocean Gem by Nomnivore8x2Forest Gem by Nomnivore8x5Ground Gem by Nomnivore8x2Lava Jem by Nomnivore8x1Flora Gem by Nomnivore8x5
Total Gems: 29
Items: Big Conch Shell
Natalie Lund, A.K.A XD (Me): FTN App: Natalie Lund (XD) by XDTheSnivy
FTN: Sketchy the Pictrel by XDTheSnivyFTN: Nurture the Gonemhorn by XDTheSnivyFTN: Erik the Gunchi by XDTheSnivy
Bruce Phillips: FTN App Bruce Phillips by XDTheSnivy

Moar Fanarts

By :icontechnoticvcp: ~ :AT: Jhose by FelicitySolitairethunderlovesbacon's characters by FelicitySolitaireEntei and Dialius by FelicitySolitaireCRAZY CRACK EXPLOSION by FelicitySolitaireEspada 17 Paranoid Ravenwing ref. sheet by FelicitySolitaireNialon (old) by FelicitySolitaireComic Dream by FelicitySolitaireParanoid and Mew by FelicitySolitaire
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~By :iconsc3chcintr0n: Seven Humanized by Sc3chCintr0n
~By :iconapplehead302:Lune the cat!! (thunderlovesbacon's OC) by applehead302Paranodic .:request:. by applehead302Bakona and Abyssia Kiss by applehead302

Requests and Commishies

REQUESTS: Requests - Open by SweetDuke

1. Requests are completely free. No points, no paypal, no money, nothing.
2. Now that I have a PenPad, and a paint program, once i draw the requested picture, i will scan it onto my computer, trace it, and color it.
3. If you can already draw really well, there needs to be a reason why you are asking me to draw that picture. Examples being for a "Different Styles" Meme, or a blog/fanfic on another website. If you have no reason, and you can draw well, then im sorry, but i will most likely not accept the request.
4. If im really lazy, and the picture just needs to show a certain topic, or point, i MAY take out parts of someones body. But ill try to add other stuff to make up for that. :)
5. I will draw them when i can, but most likely it will be soon. Otherwise, i WILL do it, just be patient and remind me if you get concerned or impatient.

Lithium by XDTheSnivyJasper by XDTheSnivySly by XDTheSnivyTech by XDTheSnivyAnomalocaris Boy by XDTheSnivy

COMMISSIONS: Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

1. They will cost :points:. Here is the setup:
-hand-drawn and left as so: 2 :points:
-drawn, then traced and colored on tablet: 5 :points:
-drawn, colored, and a few (more than 2) background things: 8 :points:
-drawn and colored, with a colored background: 10-15 :points:
-EXTRA: for 1-3 :points: extra, i will try to give them a small accessory of your choosing, such as shoes, a bow or ribbon, bracelet, earrings, necklace, etc. But for 5-10 :points: extra, i will try to dress them up in an outfit of your choosing. (amount of points depends on the detail of the outfit.)
3. I will complete it within 5 days of your asking. If i have not finished it within the 5 days, i will apoligize sincerely, and try to console you with another picture. OR, if u offer to give me more time, i will finish it within that time. (Offered time cannot be less than 1 day.)

Examples: None :dummy:

More adoptables? give me ideas! 

4 deviants said YES
1 deviant said idea!! //comment
No deviants said NO


POTO by XDTheSnivy
Hi there!! My name is Natalie, but please, call me Nat. You can also call me Snivy or XD. I love pokemon, anime, Doctor Who, Phantom of the Opera, and drawing!!! My best friend in the world is the one who inspired me to start drawing. Since the day I've met her, she's been my BEST friend.Ive only had my deviantART account for a year and a half now, but I've improved so much, and made AMAZING friends!!! If i have to name a few, these are the ones i love the most:
But enough of my rambling, ON WITH THE SHOW!!~~



Dis gurl
She cray cray. she so cray cray...dat......we cant handle it
She's an amazing friend with an absolutely dirty-minded yet fun personality. For "normal" people,its like.....trying to keep a very excited puppy calm... :3
she's that crazy.
I remember the first time i met her (#StoryTime)-w- It was in elementary. Me and my friend Cynthia were walking around,and we saw her by the gate. I said Hi to her. She was walking along side a backstop. Around it were a bunch of rocks, she was stepping on those. Back then her hair was a long and luscious copper, I cant remember if she had put it up in a pony tail though :/. She looked up at me and said Hi back. When she did,she saw that i had a charmander shirt on. And to my surprise,she loved pokemon back then too! :dummy: and so,thats when it started uwu. She's always been here for me when I needed her the most ywy
But hey,its not just me that likes her! My mom considers her family too since she's been with us for along time! She sometimes randomly comes to my house though |D
When i have enough money or tickets or anything to go somewhere fun,i bring her along with me and some other friends as well .w.
She's also a very good example of a Gemini ._. She's very talkative to lots of people, so whenever we go somewhere like a grocery store or something I let her talk since imma sad excuse for a Gemini and i cant talk to people all too well 8,D i sometimes hide behind her too when talking to people,sometimes ;w; She thinks she's terrible at drawing. With these many watchers and friends,i dont think so |D She's pretty good at it :3 She also sits on me ;-; a lot of people like to sit on me idk why ;-;
She's also more of a giver and not much of a begger :/
She also makes me laugh when i need it :,D
In conclusion, she's an awesome friend that deserves more watchers ywy

Dem Fanarts

By ~ :iconnomnivore8: Nat bubble chibi by Nomnivore8The Clusterfuck Of Homies by Nomnivore8Yet another tentacle monster by Nomnivore8
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Wed Jun 18, 2014, 8:12 AM
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Fri May 30, 2014, 10:44 AM
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Sat May 24, 2014, 6:55 AM


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