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Characters, REBOOTED!!

not exactly rebooted, but they've really grown over the years!

Deka by XDTheSnivy

Crescent by XDTheSnivy

Training by XDTheSnivy

Dancing by XDTheSnivy


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To-Do List

Draw Sweetieplum's Parents


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People I need to talk with more:
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Dis gurl
She cray cray. she so cray cray...dat......we cant handle it
She's an amazing friend with an absolutely dirty-minded yet fun personality. For "normal" people,its like.....trying to keep a very excited puppy calm... :3
she's that crazy.
I remember the first time i met her (#StoryTime)-w- It was in elementary. Me and my friend Cynthia were walking around,and we saw her by the gate. I said Hi to her. She was walking along side a backstop. Around it were a bunch of rocks, she was stepping on those. Back then her hair was a long and luscious copper, I cant remember if she had put it up in a pony tail though :/. She looked up at me and said Hi back. When she did,she saw that i had a charmander shirt on. And to my surprise,she loved pokemon back then too! :dummy: and so,thats when it started uwu. She's always been here for me when I needed her the most ywy
But hey,its not just me that likes her! My mom considers her family too since she's been with us for along time! She sometimes randomly comes to my house though |D
When i have enough money or tickets or anything to go somewhere fun,i bring her along with me and some other friends as well .w.
She's also a very good example of a Gemini ._. She's very talkative to lots of people, so whenever we go somewhere like a grocery store or something I let her talk since imma sad excuse for a Gemini and i cant talk to people all too well 8,D i sometimes hide behind her too when talking to people,sometimes ;w; She thinks she's terrible at drawing. With these many watchers and friends,i dont think so |D She's pretty good at it :3 She also sits on me ;-; a lot of people like to sit on me idk why ;-;
She's also more of a giver and not much of a begger :/
She also makes me laugh when i need it :,D
In conclusion, she's an awesome friend that deserves more watchers ywy

Honoring a Friend


This is for my friend :icondancing-luigi: Dancing-Luigi who has a crappy computer, and won't be on for a very long time.
I honor his name with the Golden Snivy Award
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Under The Ocean

UTO: Erisune by XDTheSnivyUTO: Deka by XDTheSnivyUTO App: Jangler by XDTheSnivy
UTO Rp? by XDTheSnivy UTO RP: First Meets by XDTheSnivy

Fantasy to Nightmare

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The Mermaid by XDTheSnivy
The Mermaid
yyyaaaaayyyy Abyssia as a myrmid againnnnn :3
There was a background reef and fish and stuff, but i wanted this one to be more simple, and plus getting it to work was hard so i gave up XD

have this. its pretty.

The Butterflies by XDTheSnivy
The Butterflies
There was a story i wrote here on dA based on something i saw when i was up mini-golfing in the mountains with my grandparents. Here is the actual story, not shortened, not rewritten.


Ok so im up in the mountains and me, my mom, her BF and my grandpa are playing miniature golf and theres a butterfly sitting on one of the lanes. I named her Bonbon, and she likes to sit still. Like, shes quiet and not hyper or talkative. Then i moved and there was another one, and it was really hyper and jumping around. I named it Jitter, and imma say its a boy. So i decided that Jitter was mad at Bonbon, and i thought it was because Bonbon cheated on Jitter. So a few minutes later I see ANOTHER butterfly that looks like Bonbon and Jitter, and he wasnt near the green course but flying near the brown rocks. also another one near a small brooke, and it was white. I named her Princess. She started to fly near Jitter, and the other one went only two inches away from Bonbon. I called the other one Marcus (just because 
Meow :3). So Princess comes over to where Jitter is, and under Jitter is a yellow jacket. (BTW when we started golfing and before i saw the butterflies there was a swarm of yellow jackets on the 3rd hole.) So I think that Princess is trying to tell me something, and i think shes telling me that the yellow jackets and the other bugs that arent butterflies are evil. I get that. I look over at Bonbon and Marcus and their flappin their wings slow, so im like "OOOOH they like each other!" then i think that Marcus is bad cuz hes getting in between Bonbon and Jitter. So so far, i think that Marcus is evil and a spy meant to be with or "distract" Bonbon, Jitter is the angry and sad Ex or Bonbon, and Princess is the ruler that knows that the "Antagonists" must be stopped. She tried to ward them off herself, and showed that to me, so now i wanna help.

So we go down to the first part of the mini golf thing again, and while were golfing i tell Jitter "just hang in there Jitter, and watch out for those bad bugs, their evil." So we go to the 15th hole or something and right in the front theirs like 3 yellow jackets and a fly and a black bug, and im freakin out. Im saying "get out of here!!" and im trying to kill them and scare them away. But before we got to this hole i look over at this spot near a rock placed on the hole and a small pond, and standing right there is Marcus. I got mad cuz i dont like him and i start saying "I hate you! Im gonna hit you, literally!!" So when i hit my ball i get close to Marcus, and i go over there and scare him away saying "Get outta here!!" Then i finish the hole fast. When we get to the next hole their are more bugs, then another with only one big black ant. After that i never saw Marcus, Jitter, Bonbon or Princess again.

So I dunno if Marcus goes away, Jitter and Bonbon get back together, or its BonbonXMarcus, or if Princess dies or protects someone or whatever. So, ill let your imagination flow. BYE :) (Smile)


So here are what i think the butterflies look like as characters!

Seabasstion by XDTheSnivy


but this will do for now.
Meet Seabasstion, my new Sea Slug OC. 



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Hello!! My name is Natalie, but please, call me Nat. Or Snivy. Or XD. I like them all X3. I love many things, including Anime, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Doctor Who, All kinds of music (so much XD), and most of all, DRAWING!! Before I HAD a deviantART account, i would randomly search stuff to look at awesome art. And one day i stumbled upon this guy: :icontysontan: (back then he was called Extvia :3). He is who truly inspired me (along with :iconrainbowbeatlebeatz:) to create a dA account, and put my drawing "talent" to the test. I have had this account on dA for a whole TWO YEARS now, and Ive improved so much, along with making awesome friends! I have so many, but if i HAVE to name a few, here they are~:
Thank you so much for visiting my page! NOW, ON WITH THE SHOW!!~~

As a watcher, what do you want to see me draw more of? 

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